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A PA also known as a public address system is normally composed or made up of a power amplifier, mixer / mixing desk, and then a passive loudspeaker or a few depending on the power of the power amplifier. This is great for large bands or people looking for large sounds without wanting to compromise on quality. However for fitness teachers, solo or duo music groups, the presence of a fully functional mixer is less important and necessary in many cases and portability and ease of use is key. This is why lightweight, powerful speakers with in-built mixers and the ability to plug in a number of music devices are perfect for these applications. Portable PA system, is a sound unit, that is normally on easy to pull wheels, with battery power that allows it to be used anywhere at anytime and gives out a large sound.

Many people fall victim to cheap portable PA systems and don’t get the power that they need to be heard, but here at music gear direct we pride ourselves on our customer service and talk our customers through the systems giving them an opportunity to compare systems and listen to them with their own music in store.

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Portable PA systems are exactly what I needed for my frequent fitness classes around the midlands (Mainly Nottingham/Nottinghamshire) Music Gear Direct gave me hours of advice on the best fitness audio system as well as the best price, if I ever damage my speaker they offer a great repair service. Music Gear Direct is the place for fitness audio systems. Thanks Luke
Fitness Teacher - Nottinghamshire
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