Fitness Audio vs Zumba Growth

Zumba is the world’s biggest branded fitness programme and popular among fitness audio applications and it is probably happening at a gym or community centre near you right now. Zumba was founded in 2001 in Miami it currently has 14 million weekly participants in more than 150 countries which means theres a huge need for fitness audio systems.

In an interview with Alberto Perlman, the CEO of Zumba Fitness (pronounced “zoomba”) he says “It would be quicker to tell you the countries we’re not in,”. The UK is Zumba’s second-biggest market, with 1.2 million people participating in its fitness classes and using fitness audio with its mix of aerobics and dance steps.

During the fifth annual Zumba conference in Florida. Up to 8,000 Zumba teachers from all over the world a lot from the UK paid £250 each to attend five days of dancing and rousing speeches to better their own fitness classes. Zumba is uniquely un-intimidating, street dancing is brilliant but the moves are hard and it’s not practical or controlled in the same way. The Latin dances, where the classes are aiming for heat and sensuality, can be excruciatingly embarrassing and makes people within fitness classes feel uncomfortable. Anyone, of any age, fitness level or natural rhythm, can participate in a Zumba fitness class.

The Zumba fitness business has grown 800% since 2008 and is now estimated to be worth £318 million.
Zumba Fitness actually makes little money from the classes but the profit comes instead from the computer games, DVDs and clothing – and the fitness instructors themselves. They pay around £190 for Zumba fitness training and £20 a month to Zumba Fitness thereafter. In exchange, they get music, choreography – from Zumbatomic for children to Aqua Zumba and access to “an internal Facebook where instructors mentor each other” What they don’t get access to is Fitness Audio Systems (Music Gear Direct). It’s a fact that most Zumba teachers are female, more markedly in Britain (98%) than anywhere else.

Fitness audio systems are a must with Zumba, so finding the right company that will look after you and provide the right fitness audio system for the application is difficult. That’s why MGD offer this fitness website as a go-to place to help fitness instructors.

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