Fitness Audio Systems – Introduction

Fitness audio is a confusing term for many people. Is it the songs you listen to on your MP3 while working on your fitness? Is it the music in a gym? Fitness audio is the sound used during fitness classes or gym work out sessions to help the work out flow. Fitness classes can be anything from aerobics classes, Zumba Classes, Dance classes to Yoga. Have you ever been in the gym and seen the speakers installed on the walls and in the ceiling? Well that’s the fitness audio system within the gym giving off the audio, or “fitness audio” as it is known in this application. Ever been to a fitness class and seen the instructor with a wireless microphone and a speaker behind them? That’s a fitness audio system too.

Without the aid of fitness audio systems fitness teachers or fitness instructors are unable to get them selves heard. The wireless microphone or head-set microphone allows the fitness instructor to move freely while giving instructions to his or her class. How does the wireless microphone work? The wireless microphone sends a signal to the transmitter either on or next to the speaker or built into the speaker from the belt pack transmitter that you may see attached to the fitness instructor. Once the signal is received by the transmitter on the speaker or next to the speaker that transmitter will send the signal into the speaker which then turns the signal in to sound.

Some fitness audio speakers have these built in along with SD, USB, MP3, i-pod and CD docks or inputs so the instructor can play dance tracks or fitness tracks and still be heard over the music. This is great for Zumba and one of the reasons Zumba and most fitness classes are nothing without a fitness audio system.

Portable PA

So what’s the difference between portable PA and a fitness audio system? Well a portable PA system or public address system is a set of components that help to get you heard. A PA system can be made up of a microphone, microphone cable, subwoofer, microphone stand, speaker and a speaker stand. Or it can just be a speaker and wireless microphone it all depends on the type of PA system. So if it’s a portable PA system then it’s all of those things made portable. You may have seen the video in the footer of the Freedom Audio F100 with wheels, that’s a portable PA system. The fitness audio system is basically a portable PA system or standard PA system that is predominately used for fitness applications such as fitness classes and gyms.

Why use Fitness Audio Systems?

A few fitness instructors and gym owners don’t understand why they need fitness audio systems. Well have you ever been to a fitness class where there is no music and all you can hear is the panting of your class mate next to you and the banging of feet with the occasional distant shout from your fitness instructor? It would be awful and highly un-motivational. Same goes for a gym. A quiet gym with the sound of weights being dropped and the occasional person shouting when they’re lifting a heavy weight and the constant banging of the treadmills.

The fact is fitness professionals will lose custom unless they have the right fitness audio system for them.

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