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    Fitness Audio is a must! I approached Mick at Music Gear Fitness in October to repair my old portable fitness audio speaker. I left with the Kinetiks KMP10 - Absolutely amazing and I had a great price! Thanks Mick and thanks to the team for the amazing fitness audio system that has truly transformed my gym classes it's even improved my attitude towards my job! You can feel the energy now! 🙂

    HannahFitness Gym Instructer Derby

    Without fitness audio systems in my Zumba classes we'd be out of business. Our fitness classes need a good fitness audio system to get the beat flowing through the class, a bad quality fitness audio system can also ruin a good fitness class. We recommend music gear fitness as they sell to all our fellow fitness teachers in the industry and ensure you have the right fitness audio application for the required fitness class.

    IslaZumba Fitness Teacher London

    Fitness audio is a key part of a successful fitness class whether you are an Aerobics teacher, Zumba teacher, Dance teacher etc you need a good sound for your class - Having lots of experience in fitness I saw this early on. Wireless fitness head-sets are great for those energetic classes like mine where I'm moving with the class it gives you that freedom a pro fitness teacher needs to give the best fitness class possible. This is the difference between a good class and an average class

    DanGym Owner Nottingham